Thanksgiving the Latin way…

Rich food, always including the flan, pernil, yuca, beans, rice, of course the turkey the list goes on.

But I absolutely love it. The fam and friends get together to celebrate the holiday, united at the table with extra loud conversations over the super loud old school salsa!

And we knows it’s a must to throw in the liquor.

Yummo.. Can’t wait!!!








Since I have self taught myself through this cake journey. I’ve learned a lot of techniques, what works and what doesn’t. And I still learn something new every time I start a new project. Cake Central is a site that I have turned to with questions and idea seeking. I have gained essential information this way.

As part of my self taught technique, I must challenge myself. My new challenge is to create anything baked in cupcake size. It’s something that my daughters will enjoy to eat, anything to encourage eating is a winner in my household. My middle child is that kid you have to force to finish a meal.

This weekend I will follow up with photo’s.


CupKie’s is one of my favorite creations. It’s a cupcake topped with a baked in cookie. My first set was red velvet cake with sugar cookie. Second set was yellow cake with chocolate chip cookie. This weekend I will do chocolate cake with peanut butter cookie requested by my husband. This is so simple to make. The only thing is that you must watch the cake being baked for the perfect timing of when to top with cookie batter and perfect portions of each. It’s a great combo of both moist and chewy!!!




For the Love of CAKES!

My first blog ever…hmm…let’s see how long it takes me to get use to this. So I guess let’s start with why I started this…

Last year, I discovered an unknown love for baking and wanting to create my own edible art.

I’m a mother of 3 beautiful girls, so plenty of birthdays in my household to celebrate. Every birthday I usually went the easy route and bought a sheet cake at Costco or Carvel cake. Until I got a request…First offical “public” (public meaning strangers will be eating this lol I had only baked for family the standard pound cake) cake–My daughter requested a home-baked cake for her birthday celebration (Spa Party with a Princess theme). I baked a basic yellow cake with vanilla icing decorated with pink icing, pink sparkles and a crown. The turn out was GREAT! Who knew…parents and children loved it. My daughter thought I was the best mommy ever. The joy of seeing the happiness on her face was so worth it. Then of course my oldest, she had a Luau themed party. This time I wanted a clean, sleek look on the cake. I also wanted to pull off the grass look across. After some searching I realized I would need to make the cake with fondant.

Okay..till next time.