For the Love of CAKES!

My first blog ever…hmm…let’s see how long it takes me to get use to this. So I guess let’s start with why I started this…

Last year, I discovered an unknown love for baking and wanting to create my own edible art.

I’m a mother of 3 beautiful girls, so plenty of birthdays in my household to celebrate. Every birthday I usually went the easy route and bought a sheet cake at Costco or Carvel cake. Until I got a request…First offical “public” (public meaning strangers will be eating this lol I had only baked for family the standard pound cake) cake–My daughter requested a home-baked cake for her birthday celebration (Spa Party with a Princess theme). I baked a basic yellow cake with vanilla icing decorated with pink icing, pink sparkles and a crown. The turn out was GREAT! Who knew…parents and children loved it. My daughter thought I was the best mommy ever. The joy of seeing the happiness on her face was so worth it. Then of course my oldest, she had a Luau themed party. This time I wanted a clean, sleek look on the cake. I also wanted to pull off the grass look across. After some searching I realized I would need to make the cake with fondant.

Okay..till next time.


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