Mr. Mets Cake




Happy Valentine’s Day all!

It’s all about LOVE! Show someone you care… Love is the hope that keeps us going. Whether it be a husband, boyfriend, children, grandparents, parents just make it count ppl!!!


February will be another busy month

One cake down… Super bowl was a hit! I was very pleased with how my Giants cake turned out.

This week I will be working on a baby shower cake for a girl. Should be fun it’s mostly pink my fav color… Coming from a mother of 3 girls!! Lol This cake will also have animal print, that’s a first for me. How hard can zebra print be?

On the 16th my nephew turns 1!!! So depressed I won’t be there for his birthday party on the 18th. Unfortunately it’s out of state and I can’t make it. I would’ve loved to make him his first birthday cake.

Then at the end of the month.. I have my daughters birthday cake! So excited the Big 8!!! It’s going to be a candy theme since she’s such a junk lover.

January Cakes 2012

Been off for a bit…here are 3 cakes made in January:
Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake-yellow cake with strawberry shortcake filling, homemade custard.


Yo Gabba Gabba 2nd Birthday Cake-yellow cake with buttercream


Barbie 4th Birthday Cake-
I was able to do it with a full size Barbie. How cool is that the little girl got a cake and doll all in one.


Yo Gabba Gabba- DJ Lance treats
Dark chocolate dipped pretzels covered with fondant to create hat. The eyes are also fondant (marshmallow).


Cake for Yemaya… Transport to the Bronx was a disaster with a sleepy 11 yr old. One of my fav’s-chocolate cake with peanut butter filling. So yummo.